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Oil Combat resources in the Gulf of Finland improved through SET Petrochemicals´ Commitment

SET Petrochemicals´ Commitment to consult decision makers in Russian oil industry and transportation network on the development of environmental friendly oil recovery vessels and rescue operation technology was yesterday brought to a very concrete conclusion: The icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel “BALTIKA” was launched at the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.
The innovative multipurpose vessel was built for the Russian Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport and is to be operated by the Russian Marine Emergency Rescue Service. Baltika is to be based in the Gulf of Finland and will considerably improve the ice breaking and oil combat capabilities on the open sea in the northern part of the Baltic Sea.
The vessel represents a completely new type of innovative technology. It has an asymmetric hull, patented oblique design and three 360 degrees rotating propulsors, which allow the vessel to operate efficiently sideways, astern and ahead.
SET Petrochemicals´ Commitment was instrumental for the preparations for signing of the ship building order and for promoting the oil combat aspects of the new ship.​

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