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PRESS RELEASE: Crown Princess Victoria attends the Baltic Sea Living Room event in Turku 19.9.2011

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria will attend the Baltic Sea Living Room event at Forum Marinum in Turku on Monday 19.9. The event will focus on the concrete actions that will result in a healthier Baltic Sea. This timely event is organized by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). As the problems of the Baltic Sea are various, people from all walks of life – from school children to the Crown Princess – are needed to solve them. As a result, the event will bring together Baltic Sea commitment makers that range from local nursery schools to multinational companies.
The Baltic Sea Living Room is a continuation of the Hållbara Hav (Sustainable Sea) seminar, which was arranged in Stockholm on September 12. Princess Victoria participated in the seminar and dispatched the brig Tre Kronor towards Marianhamn and Turku. Victoria is the godmother of the brig, which serves as a mobile tool for Baltic Sea education. The seminar was also an opening for the cooperation between BSAG and Tre Kronor. Princess Victoria has made working towards a healthy Baltic Sea one of the most important agenda items in her work.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrive in front of Forum Marinum with the brig Tre Kronor at approximately at 10:45 on Monday. The city of Turku will organize a short welcome ceremony, and the Baltic Sea Living Room event starts at 11:40. This event is part of the royal couple’s two-day visit to Turku.
More information about the Baltic Sea Action Group and the Baltic Sea Living Room event:
Mathias Bergman, Secretary General, +358 50 380 7155,
Pieta Jarva, Communications Officer, +358 50 338 1096,
More information about the media arrangements in Turku:
Seppo Kemppainen, Information Manager of Turku, +358 50 559 0591
More Information about the visit to Turku:
Aleksi Randell, Mayor, +358 400 500 822
Mikko Lohikoski, Account Manager of Turku, +358 50 559 0238
More information of the brig Tre Kronor:
Kerstin Grönwall 08-586 224 00,, ​

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