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Press release from Fazer: Fazer has made a Commitment for the Baltic Sea

Fazer has made a commitment to Baltic Sea Action Group. Fazer is committed to developing its production, ways to work and offering in a way which contributes to the promotion of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. Fazer’s most important environmental impacts become concrete in the Baltic Sea area. Reducing this impact will benefit the Baltic Sea.
ʻThe Baltic Sea unites Fazer’s countries of operation and employees. Our significant market position and location around the Baltic Sea make protecting the sea an important issue for Fazer. Fazer is committed to decreasing the environmental impact of its operations, and this commitment is our way to share in public what we have decided to do for the Baltic Seaʼ, says Karsten Slotte, President and CEO of Fazer Group.
Fazer’s commitment to BSAG consists of four areas, namely improved energy efficiency and sustainable sourcing, responsible grain sourcing, Fazer Mill & Mixes’ co-operation to develop Finnish grain growing and developing the responsible offering of Fazer Food Services.
The most important direct environmental impacts of Fazer’s production facilities and restaurants arise from the by-products and waste from raw materials, products and the production, discharges caused by the use of energy, and waste water. These are also the environmental impacts which Fazer best can affect.
ʼWe are very pleased that Fazer has joined in the work for protect the Baltic Seaʻ, says Ilkka Herlin, Chairman of the Board of BSAG. ʻDue to its position, Fazer has an excellent opportunity to affect the condition of the Baltic Sea by directing its own operations. Fazer’s commitment is also an example of how an analysis of activities can reveal different links to the Baltic Sea. For example, developing farming criteria to support the nutrient cycle will have a direct effect on the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.ʻ
ʼWe constantly work to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Fazer is a significant player within the food industry in the Baltic Sea area and we see that we have an opportunity to affect the condition of the Baltic Sea through our own activities and together with our partners. We believe that by strengthening co-operation in the value chain, we can achieve significant results together with other players in the industryʼ, says Pekka Rantala, Managing Director of Fazer Brands business area.
Fazer’s commitments for the Baltic Sea
The objective of the Fazer Brands business area is to cut energy consumption by 20 per cent per product by 2020. By 2017, it aims to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 70 per cent of the electricity consumption. The energy efficiency will be improved by developing existing production facilities and processes, investing in energy efficient solutions and reducing the amount of waste arising in production.
Fazer’s Bakery business will create a vision for responsible grain sourcing in which the criteria for grain sourcing will be developed from the point of view of corporate responsibility.
Fazer Mill & Mixes will create a responsibility programme that will take the environmental impact of operations into consideration. Fazer wants to be part of developing Finnish grain growing in a way which benefits both farmers and consumers.
Fazer Food Services is developing its responsible offering, taking into account environmental factors. The domestic origin of raw materials and their traceability, using seasonal ingredients and reducing the amount of food waste are among important considerations. In addition, the target is to further increase the share of organic products in the selection.
ʻFazer has a long history around the Baltic Sea, not only in business but also in environmental protection. Karl Fazer, founder of the company, took care of the environment and created a nature conservation area in the archipelago of Ahvenanmaa. This tradition has always been respected at Fazer and it is our strong wish to operate in an exemplary way in the future, too. The initiative to make the commitment came from a Fazer employeeʼ, says Pekka Rantala.
Fazer’s commitment will be publicly announced in connection with the Baltic Sea Action Summit in St Petersburg on April 5-6.
BSAG, The Baltic Sea Action Group, is an independent non-profit foundation created in 2008. It gathers companies, states and organisations in taking concrete action to save the Baltic Sea. Up to date this organisation which has attracted international attention has collected over 220 players in reviving the ecological state of the Baltic Sea. The basic idea of the foundation is that everybody can do something to help the Baltic Sea.
BSAG monitors the progress of all accepted Commitments with the help of milestones. They can be know-how, products, services, funds or developing operations in a way which benefits the Baltic Sea. All commitments can be viewed From the beginning of April, the progress Fazer’s commitment can be monitored at​.
Additional information:
– Pekka Rantala, Managing Director, Fazer Brands, pekka.rantala(at), tel. +358 40 505 1970 (will participate in the Baltic Sea Action Summit in St Petersburg)
– Ulrika Romantschuk, SVP, Marketing and Communications, ulrika.romantschuk(at), tel. +358 40 566 4246
– Anne-Maria Flanagan, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Fazer Group,
anne-maria.flanagan(at), tel. +358 40 187 1482
– Johanna Konttila, Communications Director, BSAG, johanna.konttila(at), tel. +358 40 352 8899
Fazer Group
Fazer is an international family-owned company offering bakery, confectionery and biscuit products as well as contract catering, restaurant and café services. Fazer has its own operations in eight countries and export to more than 40 countries. The company’s success has ever since its establishment in 1891 been based on the best product and service quality, beloved brands and skillful people. Fazer’s operations comply with ethical principles that are based on the Group’s values and the UN Global Compact. The company operates in two business areas. Among Fazer Brands’ well-known delicacies are tasty baked goods and confectionery. Fazer Food Services offers good food and tailor-made services in contract catering. Fazer Group’s net sales in 2012 amounted to nearly 1.7 billion euros, and the company has over 15,000 employees.​

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