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ProAgria’s Baltic Sea Commitment: better soil, higher yields and reduced emissions

ProAgria takes part in the Baltic Sea work making a Commitment to the BSAG. ProAgria has committed to providing expertise for farmers in soil quality analyses and yield improvement and thus also minimizing the nutrient emissions to the Baltic Sea.

ProAgria will provide expertise in improving soil structure and water management evaluation for 2 000 farms. The aim is to give recommendations for best management practices for at least 100 000 field hectares for higher yield level and better nutrient management by 2020. In addition, ProAgria will together with BSAG work with the farms to increase nutrient cycling in agriculture.

Soil quality is an essential factor in cultivation and it directly effects the yields. In addition to farmers, good soil quality benefits also the climate and the Baltic Sea: well managed soil produces good yields and reduces nutrient and carbon emissions to the Baltic Sea and the atmosphere.

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