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Publicity analysis by M-Brain: Positive publicity available for active Commitment makers

Concrete actions for the Baltic Sea easily get media attention if some effort is made. Yet not so many Commitment makers are claiming their share of the media coverage.  This was the conclusion after a year of media monitoring and analysis by M-Brain. M-Brain gave their tools and expertise for the publicity analysis as a Commitment for the Baltic Sea.
The monitoring revealed that all the known cases, where the Commitment maker was actively seeking media attention for the Baltic Sea actions were successful. Only few Commitment makers used this opportunity however.
The analysis also noted that the publicity attached to the BSAG’s Baltic Sea work was always either positive or neutral in tone. To put is simply: there is a potential for positive publicity if a Commitment maker takes a more active approach.
The reach of the media hits varied, with a potential 2,5 million readers  for the top story. M-Brain also counted a price for the earned media space taking the cost of commercial media space as a basis. The counted value of a single media hit varied from a few hundred euros until 12 000 euros.
The conclusion of the analysis is that it is relatively easy to get positive coverage for a concrete good action for the Baltic Sea, so it is worthwhile to communicate the good actions actively.​

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