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Secret world of soil as a meeting place for science and art

Telling Tree art+rsrch -group’s project made possible by Kone Foundation’s grant

In spring 2018 the Baltic Sea Action Group will begin a four-year collaboration with the Telling Tree art+rsrch -group. The work will focus on soil, the Baltic Sea and climate change, and in the project artists, curators and writers will work together with researchers. The project will produce works published annually and a collective, travelling mobile exhibition carried out on the project’s final year. This dialogue between art and science is connected to the Carbon Action -pilot project, which is done in collaboration with BSAG, The Finnish Meteorological Institute and Sitra. The Carbon Action -project utilizes latest research and farming practices in search of new ways to store atmospheric carbon into arable land to mitigate climate change.

This new project will combine modern scientific measurements, research tools and scientific data with creative work and imaginative endeavours. The goals are to utilize artistic methods in order to experience life in soil in multisensory ways, examine the relationships and working methods between scientific and artistic fields, and test new kinds of forms of artistic practice. The project will also seek to open up international contacts for soil research that combines art and science.

Telling Tree art+rsrch works in the field of art and artistic research, and it is founded by media- and installation artist Teemu Lehmusruusu. Teemu Lehmusruusu will act both as an artist and the artistic facilitator for the duration of the project. He is also part of the Carbon Action’s steering group. Announcements regarding the first artists to annually participate in the project will be made in the spring of 2018.

“It seems that all roads lead to soil and topics related to it. Interest towards it has also grown in the art world. In this project we will be seeing artistic work ranging from sound art to bio art and from poetry to new media. Both us artists and the researchers will undoubtedly be breaking new ground in our working methods”, remarks Teemu Lehmusruusu.

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