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Some 130 organizations gave Christmas presents to the Baltic Sea

maria ylipää
In the BSAG’s Christmas campaign singer-actress Maria Ylipää jumped to the chilly waves and showed that the Baltic Sea can be enjoyed even during winter.

Some 130 organizations gave Christmas presents to the Baltic Sea
-Donors were taken to a sauna

Over 130 companies and organizations decided to donate their Christmas gift budget to the work to save the Baltic Sea. Almost 180 000 euros was collected. The result of the campaign was slightly better than last year – maybe an indication of finally recovering national economy.  The funds collected are used to promoting nutrient recycling to stop the nutrient emissions to the water bodies and continuing the work to reduce risks hazardous substances form for the sea.

There are many methods to support the work towards healthier Baltic Sea. For example, one can donate knowhow or other resources. The campaign was designed – like many years previously by Design agency Taivas. This year the campaign got boosts from singer-actress Maria Ylipää who starred the campaign video and Restaurant Löyly, who gave a possibility for the donors to enjoy their premises, including sauna. The enjoyable evening was spiced up with a great dose of sea info, and many good seaman stories, as Juha “Roope” Flinkman, chief scientist at the Finnish environmental institute and the research vessel Aranda, gave a presentation of the status of the Baltic Sea.

A warm thank you to all participants in the campaign!

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