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St. Petersburg’s Women’s Fun Run opened by BSAG

St. Petersburg’s Women’s Fun Run was opened by Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen, the Development Director and co- founder of the Baltic Sea Action Group this Saturday 10.9. The running event, arranged now for the sixth time gathered almost 25 000 women and girls to St. Petersburg’s historical center’s streets and the beach boulevards of the Neva.
In her speech Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen compared the gigantic running event to rescuing the Baltic Sea.
“The individual runners are the heart of the Women’s Fun Run, but they are not enough alone. What is also needed is the event itself, bringing together the necessary parties. This comprises the runners, their own support groups, the organizers and sponsors.
It’s the same with the rescuing of the Baltic Sea. We will succeed only, if we do it together and every party aims at his or her best performance. Both, the Women’s fun run and the saving of the Baltic Sea will succeed only if we work together. “
For BSAG the opening of the St. Petersburg’s Women’s Fun Run foreshadows closer co-operations in St. Petersburg: the next Baltic Sea Action Summit is organized in the city in 2012.

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