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VTT Resource Container concept recovers nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon from waste water

Resource Container -project by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, aims at a small scale waste water treatment solution, where both industrial and municipal waste waters can be efficiently used as a source for carbon and nutrients. The VTT’s project is a part of BSAG’s Breakthrough of nutrient cycling – business ecosystem. BSAG is also represented in the project steering group.  

The concept consists of methods that are used or under development in the industrial sector. The methods will be combined to the emphasize recovery of bio-carbon, nutrients and clean water instead of cleaning the waste water and disposing the substances generated.

The functionality of the Resource Container -concept will be tested at the city of Parainen waste water treatment plant. Final form for the concept is achieved in follow up projects, where the best available technologies are brought together into a mobile waste water treatment container that will also be applicable in small-scale waste water treatment needs.

Resource Container Concept will benefit especially municipal waste water treatment plants, technology suppliers and the chemical industry. In addition, the concept will bring forth new opportunities to recycled nutrients and soil conditioner product manufacturers, which are also strongly represented in BSAG business ecosystem.

The Resource Container Concept was born out of collaboration

BSAG and VTT have collaborated concerning on Resource Container for several years.

-The first thought of more efficient recovering of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon from waste water while producing clean water, was formed at VTT. The idea fitted perfectly to BSAG’s central goals of advancing nutrient cycling to minimize eutrophication and to mitigate climate change, tells Mona Arnold, Business Development Manager at VTT, and Marja Koljonen, Program director at BSAG.

-When nutrients are recycled, they do not end up in the Baltic Sea or other waterbodies. Simultaneously the need to manufacture artificial fertilizes decreases, bringing down the harm the manufacturing causes to the climate. This conclusion brought us to work together in this project, Arnold and Koljonen continue.

In the beginning of 2016 VTT Resource Container became a part of BSAG’s Nutrient Cycling business ecosystem. The ecosystem is a symbiotic partnership network of tens of companies and research institutes, brought together by Baltic Sea Action Group. The aim of the ecosystem is to create new business opportunities and export potential for Finnish nutrient cycling related companies and to increase the overall value of nutrient related business. VTT Resource Container concept is an excellent example about a business opportunity arising from nutrient cycling.

More information about VTT Resource Container project and BSAG Breakthrough of nutrient cycling business ecosystem can be found below:

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