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Wavin-Labko commits to further develop its storm water handling for the good of the Baltic Sea

Wavin-Labko, a company which produces various plastic products in environmental sector has made a commitment to Baltic Sea Action Group.
Wavin-Labko is manufacturing oil separator systems which are processing storm water from asphalted surfaces e.g. car parking areas and industrial yard.
Storm water usually contains oil and other hazardous substances which cause further pollution of the water systems and the Baltic Sea. Therefore it is extremely important to treat storm water properly. Current standard of yearly treated rain fall in oil separator systems is decreasing which would have negative impact on environment and to the Baltic Sea.
Wavin-Labko commits to uphold high standards in its storm water handling, commits to educate consultants, designers and authorities to understand the difference of handling 95% of maximum flow compared to the minor flow.
Wavin-Labko also commits to educate owners of the oil separator systems to secure that the systems are used and maintained properly. Oily waste accumulated in the filters should be handled in the best possible way to minimize hazardous emissions into the water system and the Baltic Sea.
Wavin-Labko also supports BSAG´s 3000 €/year through the commitment period.​​

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