Product sales donation for BSAG

Support our Baltic Sea work and donate a product sales donation

Companies are able to support BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea by donating a percentage of the sum they receive from sales of a certain product. The product doesn’t need to be related to the Baltic Sea at all, though it is very important that the product is not in conflict with BSAG’s goals.

After BSAG has given a permission, the company may use BSAG’s logo during the product’s marketing campaign. In case of a product sales donation, an agreement between BSAG and the company is always signed.

Interested? Contact:

Fundraising Manager Elina Ranta, +358 40 719 9719,

Also these companies support BSAG:

  • DROPP donates all of its profits to the BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea.
  • Kehrä Interior donates 40 euros to the BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea of each Guardian of the Baltic Sea -jewel sold.