Donate on a special occasion

Present for the BSAG

Do you already have everything you need? Don’t want any presents on your special day?

No worries, you have a good possibility to donate your special occasion or anniversary gifts to the work on behalf of the Baltic Sea. Support the work of BSAG by donating your gifts on your special day!

The required information for donations:
(You can include this information into your invitation)

Bank: Ålandsbanken, Bulevardi, Helsinki
IBAN: FI71 6601 0001 0682 04
Owner of the account: Elävä Itämeri Säätiö / Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea
Message: Person receiving the gift, e.g. “Sally Sailor 50 years”

In case you need a reference number, please contact BSAG:
Elena Belle ( or tel. +358 40 775 0686 )

Also specify the date of the event and your contact info for us. By using the reference number, BSAG is able to send you a diploma approximately one month after the occasion. Diploma will include the total sum of the donation and information of all of those who have participated.


Owner of the permit: Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea
Number of the permit: RA/2016/521
Permit time-frame and area: The permit is valid from 01.11.2016 to 31.10.2021 throughout Finland with the exception of Åland.

Fundraising /donation accounts:
Ålandsbanken, Bulevardi, Helsinki
FI20 6601 0001 0935 66
FI71 6601 0001 0682 04