Invest and help the Baltic Sea

Help by investing

You can also help the Baltic Sea by investing! eQ Blue Planet is a global sustainable technology equity fund. The management fee of eQ Blue planet BSAG series is 1.75 %. A BSAG series investor pays 0.25% more in annual management fees compared with the standard Blue Planet series fees of 1.5 %. This additional annual management fee expense goes directly to BSAG. Furthermore, eQ will pay 1.25 % of its management fee to BSAG, which multiplies the donation given by the investor in this series by six times.

By investing 10,000 euros in the eQ Blue Planet BSAG series, the investor pays an extra 25 euros annually in management fees, but BSAG will get 150 euros in total directly to support the future of The Baltic Sea and our planet.

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