Rules of the Foundation For a Living Baltic Sea

1. Name and Domicile

The name of the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea, in Swedish “Stiftelsen för ett levande Östersjön”, in Russian Фонд “Живая Балтика”, in German “Stiftung Lebende Ostsee”, in Estonian “Elava Läänemere fond”, in Latvian “Fonds dzīvībai Baltijas Jura”, in Lithuanian “Gyvos Baltijos juros fondas”, in Norwegian “Stiftelsen Den Levende Østersjøen”, in Danish “Foreningen for en Levende Østersø”, in Polish “Fundacja Nadzieja Dla Bałtyku”, in Belarusian “ундацыя Жывая Балтыка”, in Czech “Nadace pro živé Baltské moře”, in Slovak “Nadácia na ochranu Baltického mora”, and in Ukrainian Фонд “ЖиваБалтика”. Its domicile is Helsinki.

2. Purpose

The Foundation aims to support and promote nature and human welfare, and thus preserve and promote the Finnish cultural heritage.

3. Implementation of Purpose The Foundation

1) Distributes grants for scientific work that promotes the objectives of the Foundation. The Foundation also helps scientific work through funding, the existing use of research, as well as investigating the effects of measures taken;

2) Carries out activities that provide information and increase awareness of the Foundation

3) Facilitates and coordinates the financing for purpose-related projects;

4) Accelerates and contributes to the purpose of different actors to cooperate and promote the flow of information and international relations;

5) Enhances forces in society by combining and collecting the necessary resources, finances, business resources, policy making and implementation, and the resources of different sectors, best practices and opportunities for practical purposes, to achieve the objectives;

6) Lastly, the Foundation contributes to the realization of the purpose in a limited extent in other similar ways. ​