A shortcut from science to practice

News / 28.10.2008

Significance of research to BSAG
Science and research are closely linked to BSAG’s operations and act as one of the corner stones of our operations. The actions taken in order to preserve and rescue the Baltic Sea, which BSAG will develop even further, must all have scientific validity and relevance. By ensuring scientific validity proper actions can be taken and we can be sure that the research information regarding specific actions is adequate in order to execute concrete projects.
According to experts BSAG’s projects are preservation and rescue projects that are scientifically justified, primary and cost-efficient.
BSAG can in turn, acting as an active link between the research community, decision-makers and businesses, provide researchers knowledge of what type of research information is needed. For example what sort of information do the decision-makers need in their work on behalf the Baltic Sea. It is most likely that new interesting research questions and needs will emerge as BSAG fully begins its operations.
BSAGs pool of experts
In September 2007 a workshop was arranged where a prestigious group of Baltic Sea experts gathered to reflect the actions and specific target areas that would constitute as most important and efficient in the preservation of the Baltic Sea. The workshop was arranged by Johanna Ikävalko who is responsible of the scientific background work at BSAG. This workshop was a foundation for a vast fast-lane network of experts which enables BSAG to consult, rapidly if needed, several Baltic Sea experts.
Since the BSAGs operations are very dynamic in nature and there is often a need for rapid solutions the fast-lane network can be seen as an unquestionable asset. The relationship is reciprocal; researchers can also contact BSAG themselves and inform about the latest results discovered in the scientific community.​