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Fazer develops it’s operations for the benefit of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

Organisation: Oy Karl Fazer Ab

Time: 3/1/2013 – 12/31/2017



Fazer is committed to developing it’s production, ways to work and offering in a way which contributes to the promotion of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

We work constantly to decrease the environmental impact of our operations. Fazer is a considerable player in the Baltic Sea region and we feel that our own operations and what we do together with our partners offer us an opportunity to affect the state of the Baltic Sea. We believe that stronger co-operation in the value chain can help us, together with other players in the field, to achieve something important.

1. Fazer Bakery and Fazer Confectionery business areas and Fazer Mill& Mixes business units aim at improved energy efficiency and the sustainable sourcing and use of energy in accordance with Fazer Group’s energy strategy. The objective is to cut energy consumption by 20 per cent per product by 2020. By 2017, Fazer aims to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 70 per cent of the electricity consumption. The efficiency of the use of energy will be increased by developing existing production units and processes and investing in energy-efficient solutions

2. Fazer’s bakery business will create a vision for responsible grain sourcing which will take a stand on developing criteria for grain sourcing from a corporate responsibility perspective, taking environmental issues into consideration.

3. Fazer Mill & Mixes will draw up a responsibility programme which will be linked to Fazer’s definitions of corporate responsibility and draw attention to e.g. the environmental impact of operations. Fazer wants to participate in developing the input-output ratio of Finnish grain growing in a way which benefits both farmers and consumers and is in harmony with the environment and nature.

4. Fazer Food Services will develop its responsible offering, taking environmental considerations into account. Our target is to further increase the share of organic products in our assortment. The domestic origin and traceability of food, the use of seasonal ingredients and reducing the amount of food waste are important to us.

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