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Soja Sädeharju


Soja Sädeharju (formerly Sanna Söderlund) is BSAG’s Head of Training and is also involved in cooperation with farmers and educational institutions in the regenerative agriculture team. As a baby, she was carried through the forest in a mushroom basket. 

The love for Finnish nature that was nurtured in this mushroom basket has continually grown and expanded into a desire to work for the well-being of the entire planet.  Soja is currently doing her dream job, which combines environmental work with human interaction.

“I’m a diehard fan of Finnish farmers, and I think things can be done sustainably – and even regeneratively – on our farms. When we organise training sessions in cooperation with farmers and top experts, I feel that this is professional support at its best – the right things for the right people.” 

Soja is very passionate about the intricacies of the human mind and is also an eternal optimist who wants to find new ways of creating training packages, inspirational events and content for farmers. Problems do need to be identified, but once that’s been done, it’s more useful to focus on the solutions rather than the problems themselves. 

“It’s great that there are so many different perspectives in the world, and opportunities to choose from among them! My job is to highlight the less-obvious ones, and to lead people down new paths.”  

An insatiable interest in inspiring farmers and a chronic addiction to knowledge have led Soja to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Eastern Finland. The transition of pioneering farmers to regenerative farming practices and the creation of resilience is the subject of her sociological research. Soja also has qualifications in adult education and agriculture.  

She lives in Pirkanmaa, on one of Finland’s hundred Carbon Action farms. Everyday life is coloured by a herd of children and animals – from horses and suckler cows to dogs and bunnies, and naturally, a proactive partner who develops the farm. Finnish cultural heritage is also close to her heart. In the future, Soja hopes to nurture it by, for example, preserving the workhorse tradition. Her own Finnhorse foal has already been fitted for a collar. 

Professional background

2016– Baltic Sea Action Group, Head of Training and cooperation with farmers

2016 University of Turku, Master of Education (adult education teacher, substitute teaching)  

2012–2013 City of Somero, Paimionjoki-yhdistys ry, RAVITA (an agricultural water protection project)   

2011–2013  Entrepreneurship in the equine sector  

2004–2012  Pernod Ricard Finland Oy, pre-preparation   

1996–2004  Various positions in the service, tourism and equine industries   


Postgraduate studies, Faculty of Social Sciences (major in social pedagogy), University of Eastern Finland, 2021– 

Edible forest garden study module (15 credits), Livia Vocational College, 2019

Research trainee, University of Turku, 2016

Master of Education (major in adult education, minors in advanced psychology, special pedagogy, future studies), University of Turku, 2012–2016

BA in Agronomy (major in horse and stable management, minor in business economics), Häme University of Applied Sciences, 2008–2012  

Degree in tourism (tourism service provider, major in trail riding), Haapavesi Vocational College, 2000–2003    Degree in farm management (major in horse and stable management), Ypäjä Equine College, 1998–2000