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Carbon Action Svenskfinland

In Progress Carbon Action Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon Action

Expanding the Carbon Action platform to the Swedish-speaking region of Finland

The project spreads knowledge of the best practices for carbon sequestration in arable land as part of sustainable food production.

Official name

Carbon Action Svenskfinland



Persons in charge

Anne Antman


Baltic Sea Action Group


SLC, Jordfonden, Svenska Kulturfonden

The project offers a versatile program

Carbon Action Svenskfinland expands the Carbon Action platform to the Swedish-speaking region of Finland.

Carbon Action has provided trainings, webinars and various materials to Finnish-speaking farmers, and through Carbon Action Svenskfinland these can also be brought to Swedish-speaking target groups.

In addition to seminars, materials and field days the project will organize small group activities in Finland’s Swedish-speaking regions. The project will collaborate with Swedish-speaking agricultural advisors to spread the knowledge faster and wider.


Anne Antman

Project Manager, Regenerative Agriculture

+358 40 650 3690


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