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When you make a commitment to the Baltic Sea, you are making a concrete decision to develop your operations in a more environmentally friendly direction over a certain period. We will support you in planning your commitment and identifying and realising the opportunities.

Merenpohjalla kasvaa hyvin värikkäitä leviä ja vesikasveja. Kalliopohjalla on punaisia, vihreitä ja ruskeita leviä. Keskellä kasvaa tiheästi vihreitä vesikasveja. Vesi on kirkas ja auringonvalo ulottuu pohjalle.



As time and money are in limited supply, it is essential to invest in effective action. When you make a Baltic Sea commitment, our experts will help your company find the best targets to develop and ways to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea.


Corporate responsibility is an integral part of a company’s strategy. A Baltic Sea commitment is an effective means of implementing and communicating your company’s sustainability strategy.


In your Baltic Sea commitment, your company will describe its targets, the concrete action you will take to achieve them, and how you will measure your progress regularly.


To save the Baltic Sea and mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss, organisations will be required to make substantial and permanent changes – and a Baltic Sea commitment will help them do this.

A Baltic Sea commitment will put your plans into action and turn your action into results

By making a Baltic Sea commitment, your organisation will publicly commit to developing its operations in a more sustainable and ecological direction through concrete action and targets.

Our experts will provide guidance on the content of your Baltic Sea commitment and communications and help you plan the changes your company will have to make. 


A Baltic Sea commitment will put your company’s sustainability strategies and plans into action – and turn your action into results.

Who can make a Baltic Sea commitment?

Any company or organisation that directly or indirectly impacts the well-being of the Baltic Sea can make a Baltic Sea commitment as long as it commits to developing its operations in the best interests of the Baltic Sea and the environment.

Industrial emissions, operations in the food chain, and transport both on land and at sea all have a direct impact on water systems and the climate.    

A corporate donation will naturally form part of your Baltic Sea commitment, enabling our long-term research and other projects related to regenerative agriculture, sustainable shipping, or protecting marine biodiversity in the Baltic Sea. The size of your donation will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. 

Good intentions will not change the world. They must also be put into practice. Harness your organisation’s help in saving the Baltic Sea, slowing down climate change, and safeguarding biodiversity.

UPM has been working with BSAG for more than ten years. Our common interests include carbon sequestration, developing sustainable forestry, and nutrient recycling. That’s why both we and BSAG have managed to achieve our goals and improve our practices.

Sami Lundgren, VP Responsibility, UPM

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