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The Baltic Sea is our passion. We take the initiative and bring people together.

Join our Baltic Sea rescue team.

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Company representative

Kaksi satamatyöntekijää juttelevat, taustalla rahtilaiva.


Viljelijät Sirkku Puumala ja Patrik Nyström arvioivat maan rakennetta pellolla.

Friend of the Baltic Sea

Laituri ja tyyni Itämeri.

The state of the Baltic Sea, climate change and biodiversity loss are all linked. Luckily, the solutions are too.

Saara Kankaanrinta, Chair of the Board and co-founder of BSAG


On land

Regenerative agriculture

1,100 club members
100 pilot farms
14 companies

are already involved in Carbon Action, our collaborative effort to spur progress in regenerative farming.

Below the surface

Marine biodiversity

A 4,800 hectare area that is valuable for its marine biodiversity is being protected in the Baltic Sea.


At sea

Maritime transport

2 ports
7 shipping companies
9 other companies have committed to reducing nutrient emissions with us.


Northern Europe “4 per 1000” Regional Meeting: More Carbon in the Soil for Multiple Benefits

Join your colleagues in Helsinki in June 2023 to discuss soil carbon sequestration, gain new perspectives, become inspired, and build co-operation to scale up regenerative agriculture!

Focusing on soil health is an interesting and promising approach, as you can achieve good results in only a few years.

Nina Långstedt, farmer, Krämars Farm, Inkoo


Give a gift of life to the Baltic Sea.

We turn donations into concrete action to save the Baltic Sea, to mitigate climate change, and protect biodiversity.