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A tailor made book for the Baltic Sea Action Group

Increasing Knowledge

Organisation: Serus Media Oy

Time: 2/1/2011 – 2/1/2013



Serus Oy is committed to the protection of the Baltic Sea by helping Baltic Sea Action Group to enhance its communication.

For this reason Serus Oy will plan and carry out a uniquely tailored publication for BSAG using their Personal Book method. The publication will help BSAG in getting its message heard in a credible and reliable manner within its interest groups.

The Baltic Sea is our matter. As there are diverse problems that cause the condition of the Baltic Sea to deteriorate, its protection work requires vast and open-minded co-operation between different sectors of society – both nationally and internationally.

Serus Oy aims at offering Baltic Sea Action Group a communication tool for combining public, private and third party sectors’ resources and knowledge in order to clean the Baltic Sea in its entire area.