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A tool for collecting field data in oil spill situations

Dangerous Substances

Organisation: SCATMAN ltd

Time: 3/1/2013 – 12/31/2013



SCATMAN is an electronic tool for collecting information from the coastal areas, or other environments, where oil spill accident may happen, or has happened. Surveys can be sent real-time or near real-time to the Spill Management Team in a command center, where the overall situation can be visualized on geographical maps and the right decisions can be made based on this information.

The SCATMAN system consists of server software, client software and suitable mobile terminals. The terminal device can be a tablet computer or smart phone with integrated camera and GPS (optional). All the necessary information on shorelines is gathered using this terminal, including coordinates and pictures. Camera pictures can be also used for example for automatic soil classification.

Scatman Ltd commits to provide this software for pilot use in a major OSR exercise in Finland during 2013 and to provide user training and a summary of the results and findings.