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Advancing soil carbon storage research and practical implementation among contract farmers

Biodiversity Loss Eutrophication

Organisation: Apetit Oyj

Time: 6/10/2019 – 12/31/2025


The key activities of the Baltic Sea Commitment made by Apetit Oyj are aimed at producing knowledge and information that can be used by the company’s contract farmers. The Commitment will contribute to the knowledge relating to carbon sequestration and it’ll help farmers produce and maintain healthy, fertile soils. The overarching aim is to promote a sustainable food chain and commodify carbon farming through Apetit’s 100 contract farmers.

The Commitment is focused around research projects coordinated by BSAG (such as Carbon Action) and it consists of two parts.
1) Apetit commits to including scientifically proven best practices into its farming guidelines for contract farmers and train all contract farmers in farming practices that promote soil fertility and carbon sequestration, by 2025.
2) Apetit commits to, at its own expense, introducing its experimental farm Räpi to the Carbon Action project platform and lending the farm to research purposes while also promoting the research and development of carbon farming related practices on the farm. A large variety of crops (among them peas, broad beans, carrots, swedes, spinach, turnips and sugar beets) are grown at Räpi, expanding the research possibilities of the Carbon Action project platform.

Apetit joins the Carbon Action company platform, which enables the cooperation between actors from different parts of the food chain and the development of the company’s own operations. In addition, Apetit will in its own communications bring up carbon farming and the activities of the Carbon Action platform. The implementation of the Baltic Sea Commitment will be followed through Apetit’s regular corporate responsibility reports.