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Adven’s Baltic Sea Commitment

Organisation: Adven Oy

Time: 12/4/2017 – 12/4/2022


Adven develops and offers industrial energy and water services that improve water and energy efficiency of customers’ production plants, and also enable previously wasted resources and energy to be recovered.

Through its Baltic Sea Commitment, Adven pledges to raise the importance of nutrient recovery when designing, implementing and communicating its energy and water-efficiency concepts. The concrete actions include the following measures:

• Adven will learn about the latest nutrient recovery technologies and technical solutions
• Adven aims to adopt the newest water purification technologies
• Adven strives to be profiled as an innovator and broadly communicates this message
• Adven will arrange, where possible, visits to implemented sites for BSAG’s stakeholders

Water and energy efficiency solutions are always analysed together with the customer as broadly as possible in order to achieve the greatest possible added value by combining the various areas. Recovering nutrients from wastewater opens up new paths, as added value is generated when clean water and energy are released back into the cycle.

Adven is also inviting industrial companies to join in: through service concepts implemented for them, nitrogen and phosphorous that previously ended up in the Baltic Sea will be captured and re-used. Nutrient recovery is part of an advanced water-processing solution that is offered to our customers as a competitive service package, without any investment from the customer. The aim of Adven’s commitment is to launch an industrial project within the next three years, and to commission a new plant within five years.