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Baltic Sea and climate change – liability on different levels

Organisation: Cargotec Oyj

Time: 5/19/2009 – 3/15/2016



Cargotec is willing to emphasize the complex relations between climate change and Baltic Sea environmental problems. Cargotec sets various environmental-related targets to increase the understanding of the different actions which can be done to protect the Baltic Sea and the Climate. The aim is to start a discussion about possible actions in Cargotec’s sphere of influence. Targets are defined to the different phases of the supply chain; beginning from the purchasing and logistics of incoming components and ending to the actual products and their appropriate usage in the customer´s operations. The concrete targets are the following:

1)Logistical effectiveness;
During the next four to six years Cargotec will optimise its logistics to achieve at least 10% fuel savings in the incoming and outgoing logistics around the Baltic Sea.

2) Energy-efficient production;
Carbon neutral heating solution is planned for the new assembly factory in Poland (constructed in 2010). Additionally, alternative energy sources for electricity are studied, and waste-water treatment plants are designed in cooperation with the best service providers from sustainability viewpoint.

3) Sustainable products and services; Products produced in factories around the Baltic Sea will focus on energy-efficiency and safety in cargo and load handling activities

4) Customer training for an environmental-friendly usage of the products. Cargotec educates customers to safer and more environmentally-friendly use of the Cargotec equipment to avoid environmental problems in cargo and load handling activities around the Baltic Sea

Objective of the commitment is to increase the understanding about the inter-relations between different environmental developments. Impact on the Baltic Sea is permanent.