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Baltic Sea friendly garden products


Organisation: Berner Ltd

Time: 2/16/2017 – 12/31/2019



Berner Ltd, founded in 1883, is a Finnish family-owned company, whose high-quality domestic and international brands are an integral part of Finnish everyday life. Berner Ltd’s home market consists of Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. Berner offers products and services to businesses, public sector and consumers.

Berner Ltd will participate in the Baltic Sea work by providing an easy way for home gardeners to save vital resources and use Baltic Sea friendly GreenCare garden fertilizer made of recovered and recycled nutrients. We at Berner will also commit to making a donation to Baltic Sea Action Group based on the sales of GreenCare Ympäristön Ystävä -garden fertilizer product sales. In addition, we commit to broadly examining possibilities of the recycling nutrients, both in home gardening and agriculture to promote sustainable and Baltic Sea friendly farming and gardening.