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Baltic Sea Marine Industry Sustainability Alliance (MISA)

Organisation: World Ocean Council

Time: 3/1/2010 – 3/1/2013



The World Ocean Council (WOC) commits to initiating and catalyzing the development of an international, cross-sectoral marine industry leadership council on sustainability of the Baltic Sea.

The WOC will identify responsible companies from the range of industries active in the Baltic Sea, e.g. shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, oil/gas, pipelines, offshore renewable energy, dredging, tourism, etc.

The WOC will convene the leadership companies from a range of sectors in a set of meetings to identify shared, cross-cutting issues related to their activities, e.g. water pollution, marine debris, marine invasive species, marine spatial planning, etc.

The WOC will guide the alliance to determining the issues for which collaborating to address the problem will result in synergies, economies of scale and business benefits – and, most importantly, improvements to the Baltic marine environment.

As much of the preparatory work as possible will be determined at the Baltic Sea Action Summit, e.g. companies interested in the alliance, timing of the meetings, etc.

A program of action will be developed for the alliance to implement over the following 3 years, after it will be reviewed.

The Marine Industry Sustainability Alliance will continue as an ongoing business coalition to address the environmental challenges facing the Baltic Sea.

The objective of the commitment is to build on the Baltic Sea Action Summit by creating a structure and process to bring together responsible companies in a leadership alliance for collaboration in addressing priority marine environmental issues of the Baltic Sea on an ongoing, permanent basis.