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Baltic Sea Position, water perspective – a commitment to show that a joint stakeholder system approach is needed in the maritime sector to reach the zero vision of discharge in the water of the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Swedish Shipowners’ Association

Time: 1/1/2010 – 1/1/2011



In order to reach long term protection of the Baltic Sea, it is not enough that goods or passengers in the Baltic Sea are transported on quality standard vessels.

The ‘zero-vision’ expressed by the Commission in the ‘Maritime Strategy 2009-2018’ regarding negative impact from the shipping industry is achievable in the water of the Baltic Sea, only if stakeholders such as policy makers, ports and shipowners around the Baltic Sea co-operate. We need to accept and show the importance of a system approach where all stakeholders take their responsibilities achieving this vision.

Focusing on the water perspective of the SSA Baltic Sea Position, solutions in all areas of concern to create a zero system already exist. The challenge is therefore to gather the existing solutions and together with other stakeholders develop and promote a zero-system concept.

Therefore SSA herby commits to;

– gather stakeholder representatives
– show already existing solutions
– develop a zero-system concept based on existing solutions

The zero-system concept to include the following areas;
– graywater
– blackwater
– ballast water
– hull cleaning
– sorting
– sludge
– bilge water
– shore side electricity
– no special fee
– economic incentives

The objectives are;

– to show that the way forward to a long term protection of the Baltic Sea is for the stakeholders to co-operate and participate in the policy decision processes

– to make stakeholders, especially addressing the policy- and decisions makers, aware of already existing solutions

– inspire to a wider and permanent system implementation, where the resources are used in the most effective way, in the Baltic Sea area