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Baltic Sea Region Summer School – BSRSS

Organisation: Baltic Sea Solutions

Time: 7/26/2010 – 1/1/2015



BASS will commit to the concept development and implementation of an annual Baltic Sea Region Summer School aiming at spreading public awareness and exchanging experiences about the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea and possible solutions to them.

The Baltic Sea Region Summer School intends to create a unique educational initiative where researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, representatives of local/regional/national authorities, teachers, would have the chance to learn about the various aspects behind the protection of the Baltic Sea in an interdisciplinary mode.

The summer school is virtually a part of the overall BSAG INNO program by BSAG (Baltic Sea Action Group foundation) and BSAG will assist in the planning and marketing it.

The programme would consist of a one-week summer school, where people from various organisations and companies in the Baltic Sea Region would meet in one intensive course experience, combining lectures with field trips to relevant places where to ‘touch and see’ the challenges for saving the Baltic Sea.

Its interdisciplinary Triple Helix approach and holistic perspective allow for participants with various academic and professional backgrounds (i.e.: engineering, social sciences, economics and business) to interact and develop concrete project ideas, while targeting today’s problems in the Baltic Sea from different angles (i.e.: technology, biology, industry), with the overall objective of improving the condition of the Baltic Sea as a common interest.

Baltic Sea Region teams of researchers and professionals will work together for one week to explore how the problems associated with the Baltic Sea Region could be addressed at a national and macro-regional level, with visits to places where some action has already been implemented, so as to be able to apply lessons-learned directly in their home communities.

The summer school is planned to be a recurring event taking place in one country of the Baltic Sea Region on a rotation basis.

The objective of the Commitment:
– Engage and unite broad sectors in the environmental, political, economical and social field around the common Baltic Sea problems;
– Define an annual event for discussion and learning, where professionals from various Baltic Sea nations meet to define new actions and projects for the protection of the Baltic Sea;
– Increase the understanding of the complexity and regionality of the Baltic Sea pollution problems, while contextualizing them in the single countries hosting the annual BSRSS;
– Combine theoretical and practical learning, with a mix of seminars, lectures and field trips.
Due to the recurrent nature of the BSRSS, a permanent and beneficial awareness impact on the Baltic Sea is forecast.