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Baltic Sea- Science based risk management, The School of Science and Technology in Aalto University (TKK) will develope sophisticated tools for holistic risk management of the increasing marine traffic in the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Time: 1/1/2010 – 1/1/2015



The analysis of risk assessment process plays a key role in a marine traffic management especially in congested and narrow waterways.

The work includes development of reliable models for risk assessment for vessels grounding and colliding in the busy waterways with emphasis put on tankers. As a result the probability of oil spills and most probable amount oil on water after accident in the in the various fairways on the Gulf of Finland will be determined. In addition the effect of season (e.g. summer and winter )will be taken into account. This gives also sound basis to determine the capacity needed for the oil recovery vessels in the Gulf of Finland.

Based on the holistic risk analysis approach a risk index for the ships navigating in this area can be developed taking into account e.g. the age of the ship and the quality of the crew.

The objective of the Commitment:
Reliable risk analysis and risk management define for the authorities and ship operators the proper risk control options and actions needed to reduce the risks in a cost-benefit way. This will have permanent effect.