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Best practices in agricultural water protection


Organisation: Maa- ja metsätaloustuottajain Keskusliitto MTK ry

Time: 1/13/2010 – 1/13/2015



MTK will continue to support the annual WWF Baltic Farmer Award by co-organising the national competetition in partnership with WWF Finland. Further, MTK will actively communicate the best practices in agricultural water protection that arise from this competition, as well as from agricultural on-farm development projects such as TEHO, RaHa and JÄRKI. Means for effective communication (e.g. web based education platforms for farmers and consultants) are designed for this purpose to assure that good water management practices are widely known among farmers and consultants, and engaged in everyday farming in Finland.

The objective is to decrease soil erosion and nutrient loads from fields to the Baltic Sea. This will result in better visibility, less turbulence and less nutrients (in particular N and P) in water, and thus hinder eutrophication in Finnish coastal waters and the Baltic Sea in general.