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Biofilm, bacteria and algae prevention without chemicals

Organisation: Abillion Oy

Time: 5/1/2015 – 1/1/2017



Abillion Oy focuses on improving industrial processes and energy efficiency with its new innovative cleantech solution Harsonic. Harsonic prevents growth of organic scale (biofilm, algaes, etc.) and mineral (lime, rust, etc.) in pipes and on surfaces without use of chemicals. Harsonic uses low power to produce ultra sound waves. This improves energy efficiency and minimizes use of hazardous chemicals, which benefits the Baltic Sea.

Abillion´s Commitment contains two separate parts:

1. Abillion will provide planning and consulting services free of charge in order to get the first Harsonic® system for pilot use on board a large ship in the Baltic Sea.

2. Together with selected partners, Abillion will study possibilities for use of ultrasonic technologies to find a solution to recover phosphorus from sewage waters.