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BONUS Day – February 9th, 2010

Organisation: Suomen Akatemia

Time: 2/8/2010 – 2/8/2016



BONUS Day, to be held on February 9th, 2010 in Helsinki, will gather together researchers, end-users of research knowledge and representatives of the administrative authorities from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. BSAG has been involved with the initializing and formulating of the BONUS day process. The aim is to provide answers to the following questions for the Baltic Sea Action Summit to be held the following day:

– What are the most urgent issues concerning the Baltic Sea that need solving?

– What measures based on research knowledge can best protect the Baltic Sea and ensure that it can be preserved for coming generations?

– How can decision-makers be encouraged to make a commitment to these justified measures?

The BONUS Day advisory board:

Laura Raaska (chair), Kyösti Lempa (sec) and Markku Mattila, Academy of Finland

Kaisa Kononen, BONUS EEIG

Saara Kankaanrinta, Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen and Ilkka Herlin, BSAG

Sauli Rouhinen, Ministry of the Environment

Mikko Peltonen and Elina Nikkola, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Petteri Taalas, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Mikael Hildén, Finnish Environment Institute

Objective of the Commitment:
The BONUS Day supports one horizontal action of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea: ”Use research as a base for policy decisions”. The impact will be permanent.