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Bridging science and policy

Organisation: Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Time: 3/1/2010 – 1/1/2015



SYKE and BNI will develop means for operational data exchange thus facilitating and significantly improving data and information need of HELCOM and others committed to improving the state of the Baltic Sea who will need the information to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures being implemented. The cooperation with other producers of data on the Baltic Sea will also be developed with the ultimate goal to create a common distributed database system and data portal for access to all data on the Baltic Sea.

The Finnish Environment Institute and the Baltic Nest Institute, following the ecosystem approach, are committed to provide reliable information on the ecological status of and the pressures to the Baltic Sea environment as well as scientifically sound advice for cost effective management measures. We will also contribute to the work of HELCOM in its implementation of the BSAP by providing the best available estimates for inputs of nutrients and by developing innovative assessment tools (such as indicators and targets to determine the good ecological status) as well as concepts and tools for marine spatial planning and maritime safety.

The objective is to provide scientific advice and tools for sound and effective management of the human activities affective the Baltic Sea