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BSAG 2010 Base Camp

Organisation: Kestävä Oy

Time: 6/2/2010 – 9/30/2010



– Kestävä Oy commits to partner with BSAG in helping the organization engage new stakeholders to further strengthen its high quality of complementary expertise and experience to conserve the Baltic Sea.

– Our concrete commitment is to share our know-how with organizations willing to make a BSAG commitment. In Summer 2010 we will facilitate ”BSAG Base Camp” to help organizations of different sizes and backgrounds identify the most compelling ways for them to join BSAG work. We help them to create specific action plans to achieve results in measurable terms that benefit their business while also protecting the Baltic Sea.

– Kestävä is a new boutique-style consulting company in Helsinki. Our team has over decade-long experience of European and North American leading CSR & sustainability thinking and best practices, including developing sustainable business models and public-private partnerships. Our focus is to help our clients integrate sustainability into business strategy and operation.

Objective of the Commitment: