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BSAG BaseCamp 2010

Organisation: Dazzle Oy

Time: 6/2/2010 – 6/1/2012



Dazzle Oy commits to help other companies and organizations to innovate and make concrete actions in saving the Baltic Sea

30.9.2010 we will facilitate – together with Kestävä oy – an innovative ”BSAG BaseCamp 2010” to help organizations of different sizes and backgrounds to identify the most compelling ways to join BSAG work.

We help them to ideate and create specific action plans to achieve results that will benefit both their business and the Baltic Sea

Dazzle Oy’s mission is to facilitates sustainable win-win-win success for people and organizations – by insighting, innovating, empowering and by offering practical tools.

We are looking for new thinking and next practices in leadership, innovation, strategy, collaboration, business models and a holistic future success for companies and organizations.