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BSAG Media Analysis Report

Organisation: M-Brain

Time: 11/1/2012 – 11/15/2013



The Baltic Sea region is an important marketing area for M-Brain Group Oy, a Finland’s leading media information and analysis provider. M-Brain operates according to the principles of sustainable development and thus wants to promote the restoration of maritime regions in its market area by offering its own expertise to BSAG. M-Brain will produce quarterly media analyses for BSAG based on Finnish online media, print media as well as radio and TV coverage. The analysis measures BSAG’s own media visibility as well as Commitment makers’ visibility in the BSAG context. Based on the analysis findings, BSAG’s communications unit gets an overall picture of, for example, the development of the organization’s public image, the reception of strategic communications policies as well as key people’s visibility. The analysis also shows how much publicity Commitment makers have received or how much publicity they have brought via their Baltic Sea commitment. The quarterly monitoring enables swift responses to any communications needs arising from coverage related to BSAG or commitment makers.