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Campaign to reduce Hazardous substances and litter entering the Baltic Sea from house holds

Organisation: Vesilaitosyhdistys

Time: 9/8/2016 – 12/30/2017



Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) is the co-operation and member association of the Finnish water and wastewater utilities responsible for providing drinking water and wastewater treatment service for municipal waste waters.
Municipal waste water plants in Finland are efficient in removing organic matter and nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen, contained in the waste waters. However, the waste waters also contain Hazardous substances and litter which are not always removed in the municipal waste water treatment processes.
Many of the Hazardous substances and litter are derived from household chemicals and consumer products. To reduce the amount of Hazardous substances and litter and trash from entering into waste waters and further to the Baltic Sea and other water systems, FIWA commits to arrange a public campaign in 2016 to increase public awareness regarding household chemicals and their use.
The campaign aims at reaching the general public and directing consumers towards more environmentally friendly behavior. The campaign will provide advice and recommendations e.g. on how to choose products with less impacts on the environment and correct disposal of waste household chemicals. Everyone can protect the aquatic environment with the right choices in the everyday life.
The campaign takes shape in spring 2016 and will be launched in November 2016. Finnish Water Utilities Association finances and implements the campaign in co-operation with its member utilities.