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Challenge Europe – Baltic Sea the focus for Climate Advocates

Organisation: British Council Finland

Time: 2/10/2010 – 4/10/2011



British Council Finland commits to refocusing one of its three major projects, Challenge Europe, to tackle problems directly related to the Baltic Sea. The Challenge Europe project is a three year project that aspires to make a definite and lasting impact on the climate change debate. In the project we select young people from all walks of life to become “Climate Advocates”. Over the period of one year the country team will work collaboratively to identify the key areas where they think they can make a real difference, with arts and culture as a cross-cutting theme. During the last project year the team in Finland will be asked to focus on issues that have an implication to the Baltic Sea and to develop three concrete ideas to improve the future of the Baltic Sea through changes in policy, business or human behaviour.

The groups will then pitch their ideas to broader publics, specifically reaching out to decision-makers and organisations, campaigning for implementation and support in an effort to make the ideas become reality.

The philosophy of the Challenge Europe project is simple: to create momentum through collaboration, innovation, energy, drive, passion, understanding and knowledge-sharing. By building capacity of tomorrow’s influencers, we hope to achieve permanent impact on the Baltic Sea.