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Clean and healthier Baltic Sea in the syllabus

Organisation: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Time: 2/1/2010 – 2/1/2011



The Baltic Sea as a topic will be included into the curriculum of the degree programs as part of the orientation and managing studies (ethics and sustainability approach). Especially the study program called Environmental Engineering will be involved in this project. This will be dealt with in various learning projects.

Metropolia is committed to organize small scale student happenings, events or seminars around the theme to increase the awareness of the about the Baltic Sea( eg. student concert, Baltic sea and logistics).

Theses works and other study projects enhancing the awareness and/or knowledge and competence of the students about Baltic Sea related matters and the work of BSAG. First thesis that will have this special theme will start February 2010.

Under the guidelines of the teachers and staff the students will produce informatic media products about the theme (e.g posters, leaflets, digital media products in different forms).

Objective of the Commitment:
The main objective is awareness raising, which will have an impact in the future. The impact will be permanent.

Metropolia’s own processes will be monitored and checked keeping in mind the Baltic Sea as part of a thesis work. Those parts loading the Baltic See will be removed and imapct is permanent.