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Clean Baltic Shipping

Organisation: BSSSC Working Group on Maritime Policy

Time: 10/30/2009 – 10/30/2014



The BSSSC Working Group on Maritime Policy aims at contributing to reducing pollutive and climate-damaging emissions from shipping.

The basis of activities is the final declaration of the Kiel Conference on Maritime Policy in 2006 and its commitment to develop the Baltic Sea region into Europe’s maritime best practice region by 2015. The Working Group wants to contribute to the implementation on the regional level.

Within the consultation process to the EU Baltic Sea Strategy the BSSSC working group developed the flagship project proposal ”Clean Baltic Shipping”. It is devised as five-point action plan and comprises the elements (1) shoreside power supply for ships at berth and (2) introduction of environmentally differentiated port/fairway dues in all relevant BSR ports, (3) voluntary ban of waste water discharges from cruise ships, (4) introduction of labels for exemplary projects in the field of Clean Baltic Shipping and sustainable port management and (5) awarding of prices for best practice in these fields.

All components of the proposal were included in the Action Plan to the EU Baltic Sea Strategy. The working group supports the implementation by organizing political and practical support for the development of an INTERREG project aiming at reducing shipborne emissions by establishing harmonized shore side power supply for ships and reception facilities for sewage and waste in the BSR ports and fostering the use of low emission fuels like (liquefied) bio gas and (liquified) natural gas.

Objective of the Commitment:
Reducing pollutive and climate-damaging impacts from shipping.