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Co-operation between Vodokanal and LSBP to consult and have action to achieve Reach level in laboratory of Vodokanal

Organisation: Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd

Time: 3/18/2010 – 3/18/2011



* Implementation of the training program of The Nordic Dimension Water Excellency Centre
* Concrete actions (analysis of the present situation, used chemicals, analyzers and how to achieve requirements of REACH and become to EU level , description of the future situation) lead by LSBP Ltd with associate partners / cluster member companies to achieve EU level in the laboratories of Vodokanal in order to reduce impacts of chemicals in the Baltic Sea.
* Consultancy work to benchmark the current level of Vodokanal laboratories and to prepare the implementation plan.
* SWOT for adopting EU level requirements in Vodokanal laboratories

Objective of the Commitment:

*Development of the water excellancy centre as the meeting point between the Russian, Finnish and Northern Dimension water experts and water business
*Distribution of the best practices and know-how of the water sector
* Transfer of EU practices on the water sector
* Internationalisation of Water business in Russia
* main target is to have better/ more clean and healthy Baltic Sea
* minimize emissions to Baltic Sea
* realize how to handle chemicals because of their harmfulness to the ecosystem
* risk assesment of used chemicals