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Commitment to the development of digital solutions for carbon sequestration

Organisation: Gofore Corporation

Time: 7/6/2020 – 12/31/2022



Gofore Plc is a Finnish company focused on the design and development of digital services. In its commitment to the Baltic Sea, Gofore focuses on providing expertise and input to achieve the key objectives of BSAG’s work. As part of the commitment, Gofore will join the Carbon Action business platform managed by BSAG.

The Baltic Sea Commitment consists of three parts:

1)Expert support for the design and development of digital solutions used in BSAG’s operations. Gofore commits to act as an objective advisor in these for the duration of the commitment, as needed by BSAG.

2)Expert role of digitization in the Carbon Action network. Gofore is committed to providing its expertise and resources to the design and development of data and data-enabled technology that supports the goals of BSAG, and in particular the Carbon Action Network, to increase soil carbon sequestration and to introduce regenerative farming methods.

3)Gofore undertakes to support BSAG’s activities financially during the term of the commitment with an amount to be determined each year.