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Communicating the safe use of substances of very high concern

Organisation: REACHLaw Environmental Ltd

Time: 1/22/2010 – 1/22/2011



As a subsidiary of REACHLaw, a leading full REACH service company with corporate partners on all key markets globally, REACHLaw Environmental has an excellent opportunity to communicate information regarding existing and emerging Hazardous substances and litter to and with international companies constituting chemical producers, down-stream users and importers to the EU and more. The consultation package will include information on substances under consideration or in the process of being restricted or prohibited in the EU as well as on substances recognized as substances of very high concern. Aspects related to corporate image and reputation when producing or using Hazardous substances and litter and consequent impacts on future business opportunities will be brought up. When available, information regarding substitute substances for Hazardous substances and litter will be forwarded.

The commitment is expected to have a considerable potential for instructing the production and use of Hazardous substances and litter to a sound direction and to urge the development and placing on the market of substances that are technically and economically viable and with no or less adverse effects on the Baltic Sea.