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Concrete acts for reducing eutrophication and risk of oil catastrophes in the Baltic Sea

Organisation: John Nurminen Foundation

Time: 10/1/2009 – 12/31/2015



John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects have two areas of operation: reduction of eutrophication and enhancement of tanker safety.

The foundation reduces eutrophication by improving phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment plants of the Baltic Sea region. After the first successful projects in St. Petersburg, the Foundation, together with its partner waterworks, now improves phosphorus removal also in several other cities, e.g. Riga in Latvia and Gatchina in North-West Russia.

Tanker safety is enhanced by making the work at tanker bridge easier, improving navigation methods and vessel traffic guidance. Together with main stakeholders in navigation a new bidirectional navigation service (ENSI, Enhanced Navigation Support Information) will be created.

Objective of the Commitment:
Clean Baltic Sea projects aim to decrease annual phosphorous discharges from wastewaters by 2500 tonnes in the catchment of the Baltic Sea and to reduce the risk of a major oil tanker accident in the Gulf of Finland. Impact of both of the actions will be permanent.

Clean Baltic Sea Projects’ website is