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Decreasing of the environmental impact of the Narva Power Plants – Cleaner Energy from Narva

Organisation: Eesti Energia AS

Time: 1/1/2010 – 1/1/2015



Narva Power Plants, while using fossil fuel, have a strong impact on environment through air emissions, waste and also impact on the climate.

To lower those impacts Eesti Energia AS, the owner of Narva Power Plants has set up following activities:

1. We implement 10% co-combustion of the biomass and decrease the use of oil shale. Co-combustion of the biomass allows utilization of Estonian local biomass, develop forestry sector and will reduce SO2 and CO2 emissions.

2. We reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from our power plants more than half by installing new filters and other SO2 reduction equipment. After 2012 yearly SO2 emissions shouldn’t be higher than 25 000 t.

3. We increase the reuse of oil shale ash 5 times during the next 5 years by investigating and developing different reuse methods in construction, building materials sector and elsewhere.

The main objective of the commitment is to reduce emissions (SO2, CO2) of the power plants and reduce the waste volumes. At the same time mentioned activities will help to develop forestry.
Our commitment will improve the status of environment around the Baltic Sea and develop sustainable use of resources.