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Developing and educating precision farming and soil measuring practices.

Organisation: The College of Landbased studies in Tuorla

Time: 10/1/2017 – 2/29/2020



The Commitment of Livia the college of land based studies concerns precision farming, soil measurement and carbon footprint calculation. Livia aims on improving the crop´s capability to utilize nutrients from mineral and recycled fertilizers by developing farming techniques, water management and by increasing soil´s growth condition.

Firstly, Livia creates a plan for implementing precision farming and soil and crop measurement practices in to teaching. As a part of soil measurement activities Livia tests new measuring devices to develop their soil analyzing practices. Livia also strengthens their carbon footprint calculation and release the annual carbon footprint calculation at their website with the annual nutrient balance calculations.

In addition, Livia continues to focus on nutrient utilization in the school fields. Livia will also arrange nutrient recycling events together with BSAG.

The College of Landbased studies in Tuorla organizes education for comprehensive school and high school graduates and adult education. Educational programs include agriculture, horticulture and natural and environmental sciences. A large portion of the education comprises practical exercises carried out on the Tuorla school farm. The school farm has 150 hectares of field, 423 hectares of forest, a calver cowshed, a sow piggery and 2500 m2 of greenhouses.