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Development of maritime safety in the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

Time: 1/28/2010 – 7/28/2011



Support the development of vessel traffic information , traffic monitoring system interoperability and other means of maritime safety in the Baltic Sea area.

Commitment from the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, BSPC, adopted at Enlarged Standing Committee meeting of the organization 28th of January 2010 in Brussels. To be presented at the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki 10th of February 2010 by the President of the Standing Committee of BSPC, Ms Christina Gestrin MP, Finland:

Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC), representing parliamentarians from all parliaments in the Baltic Sea Area, will continue the political actions aiming at the recovery of the Baltic Sea by implementation of Helcoms Baltic Sea Action Plan. In order to support the implementation process BSPC will continue to take political initiatives expressed e.g. in the resolutions from the yearly conferences , to follow the actions taken by the states in the region and to exercise parliamentary pressure on the governments urging them to fulfil the obligations already accepted by approving of the BSAP. BSPC will in this connection during the next year emphasize the segment of Safety of navigation and the importance of enhancing the operation of ship reporting systems (SRS) and vessel traffic services (VTS) by harmonizing and elaborating the existing systems in the Baltic Sea. In order to achieve results in this field BSPC urges the governments to create a common agreement aiming at the creation of a ship reporting system for the whole Baltic Sea. BSPC will follow the implementation of this commitment through the coming year and ask the governments to give a status report on the issue to the parliamentarians convening at the 19th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference in the end of next August in Mariehamn, Åland Islands.

Increase of maritime safety and reduction of environmental risks. Permanent impact.