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Development of methods for large scale removal of nutrient-rich and toxic algae from the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Saloy Oy

Time: 3/1/2010 – 3/1/2015



Mats of blue-green algae are removed from the surface of the sea during the bloom period. The method to be developed and tested involves a combination of the special alga filter cloth, developed by Saloy Oy, and the novel multi-purpose collection vessel Oilwhale, developed by Markku Järvinen and Kappelinranta Oy.

In the first phase, the method will be developed in the lake Kuralanjärvi, one of the most eutrofied lakes in Finland. After this, semi-closed bays at the coast of South-Western Finland will be targeted.

Algae is collected from the filter cloth by sucking it into containers onboard the Oilwhale or other vessels. Algae is then transported to the shore for disposal or for further use; in research, as fertilizer or as fuel.

The objective is to remove algae from the sea and thereby from the nutrient loading circle. This would reduce the nutrients for algae during the following years and the effect would remain permanent. The possibilities for further use of removed algae offer a range of new initiatives. Testing and exploring the capacity of the Oilwhale will provide guidelines for its further use in oil combating.