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Eco Cod program & Intensive pig production program – from devastating pollution to sustainable and inventive solutions

Organisation: Baltic Sea 2020

Time: 4/1/2010 – 4/1/2015



The commitment has two main areas, Fishery and the Pig Production Program.


The purpose of the commitment is twofold:

– through policy work targeted at the Baltic Sea Strategy and the reform of the Common fisheries policy (CFP), promote introduction of regional governance of fisheries in the Baltic sea and ban all sorts of discards

– finance the introduction of the MSC label in the region to help achieve a sustainable Cod Fishery and to enable people around the Baltic Sea to buy and eat Cod that they know is legally fished on stocks that are viable

Pig Production Program:

The “Intensive pig production program” is a long term commitment that will run until the year 2020. The main objectives are to:

– Achieve a well adapted and functional regional and national legislation regarding the implementation and control of phosphorous and nitrogen norms

– Produce and disseminate relevant and inventive knowledge within the area of manure treatment technologies

– In cooperation with regional stakeholders and policy makers, support the introduction of best available technologies through demonstration plants and facilities.

Objective of the Commitment:

a) Fishery,

To achieve a permanent viable cod stock in the Baltic Sea hence improving the water quality of the sea

b) Pig Production Program

To achieve a permanent reduction of nutrient leaching from intensive pig production to the Baltic Sea.